Author Spotlight – Jess Buffett

I’m super excited to welcome my fellow Aussie Jess Buffett to the Cheeky Side today! Her brand new release Cowboy’s Chocolate Roses has a sexy cover and an even hotter cowboy *swoon*.

Who would play you in your telemovie?Cowboys Chocolate Roses400x600

Probably Melissa McCarthy Lol. The way she played her character in the Gilmore Girls….yeah, she could totally be me. J

Who would play your (real or imagined) significant other?

Can I go imagined? Because I’d totally choose Henry Cavill. That man in any role as long as I can stare at him…and touch, I’m allowed to touch, right?

What are two words that you would/wouldn’t use to describe you?

I would call myself loyal, when I love some one I will go above and beyond for them. I wouldn’t call myself organised… ever! lol

You wake up in the body of the opposite sex. What’s the first thing you do?

Find someone to have sex with? Lol. I’d be too curious not to.

Best pickup line, you’ve had used on you, used yourself or for a character?

My hubby (who was 17 at the time) saved me from falling into a pretty dangerous creek at night and said, “I wouldn’t want to lose you before I had the chance to show you how good we could be.”  Not bad for a 17yr old, huh?

Aww…got yourself a keeper there! If you could be any character in a book, which would it be? Why?

I want to be Elena Deveraux from Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter. That women is kick butt, turns into an Angel and mates with Raphael who is one hunky piece of male.

If you could live in a story for one day, which would it be? Why?

Again, Guild Hunters. And because of Raphael. A chance to be around all that manliness and power would be too tempting.

World’s sexiest man past or present according to you?

I’m going with my hubby….yeah, I know, mushy. But no one will ever love me like he can.

If you could meet one author living or dead, who would it be?

J.R. Ward. That woman is a goddess.

Must have thing when writing?

Coffee. It’s so damn cliché but I need it. It keeps me going at night when the brain wants to stop.

Oh, I hear ya! Coffee is a winner! 

BLURB: Joshua Kell signs a deal that will set his ranch up for life and then spends the night with the woman of his dreams. Waking up alone, he returns home, nursing a broken heart.

Brianna Evans struggles to overcome a horrific trauma. After two years, she’s finally taking back control of her life, but she panics when she wakes up next to Josh.

Bri has to find him again, and when she does, hopes he’ll understand and forgive her for running. She wants the chance to be happy again. But when a ghost from her past threatens to take everything away, Bri has to trust her cowboy will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jess Buffett was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia. She married her high school sweetheart and they live on the Central Coast with their two children. Jess is a hopeless romantic who loves stories about true love that sizzle with a happy ending—which is probably a good thing given what she writes. She is a huge fan of M/M and M/F romance—anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be shifters, vampires, cowboys, or the boy next door. Jess is a firm believer in soul mates, happily-ever-afters, and love at first sight, but that sometimes people need a second or a third meeting for the brain to catch up. 








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The Edible Delights Vol 2 is available today! I’m so happy to be celebrating with my fellow Aussie authors – Kate Belle, Alysha Ellis, Imogene Nix and Seanna Smythe.

Edible Delights - Volume Two_200

Flavor of the Month

Blurb: When Cate Gallagher thinks her day can’t get any worse, Patrick Garrett comes along to prove her wrong. The sexy stranger awakens her long forgotten libido but she knows from past experiences his type is best avoided at all costs.

Patrick is sure the chemistry between them will set the sheets on fire, if only she would give him a chance. He hatches a seduction plan to show her exactly how right they could be.

But getting the girl isn’t the only obstacle to their Happy Ever After. Misunderstandings and assumptions bring their heat level to boiling point and threaten to scorch their love.

Can Cate overcome her past and let Patrick show her she’s not just the Flavor Of The Month?


What was it about this man that made her laugh? She wanted to stay mad, but it seemed impossible whenever he was around. It didn’t hurt that he looked like a GQ cover model or that his voice sent shivers down her spine, but the kicker was the warmth in his smile.

“Okay, come in. I’ll grab some coffee.”

While she worked on the coffee, Patrick put the flowers on the counter before perusing the sample tray. “So, what are we tasting tonight?”

Cate froze. Cake. He’s talking about cake, not body parts. “Carolyn said she wanted something different, so we have the cherry mud cake, Tia Maria mud cake, Cookies & Cream, chocolate mud cake and last but not least, butterscotch with its own caramel icing.”

“I’m guessing that’s your favorite right?”

“My favorite is all of them. It’s too hard to choose just one.”

As she approached the table with the coffee, he surprised her again by coming around and pulling her chair out for her. His body heat radiated against her back and she had to stop herself leaning into his muscular chest. She gave herself a mental slap to pull her professional mask back in place as she sat. She broke off a piece of her first selection with a fork and offered the handle to him.

“This is the cherry mud cake. I have a recipe for a cream cheese icing that sets it off perfectly.”

Keeping his gaze on hers, he folded his fingers around her hand and guided the fork to his mouth. He hummed and licked his lips as the flavor exploded in his mouth, drawing her attention to his very lickable lips. Maybe she should have served ice water instead of coffee because she certainly didn’t need to heat things up.

Buy Link : Secret Cravings Publishing

Author Spotlight – Abi Aiken

It was the beautiful cover of His Go-To Girl, Abi Aiken’s first release, that caught my eye and I’ve invited my fellow Aussie over to the Cheeky Side today.

Who would play you in your telemovie?

His Go-To Girl

Jennifer Lawrence is my girl-crush du jour. Okay, so the characters she plays are way more kick-ass than I’ve ever been, but those cheekbones! And that mouth! I’d be kissing myself all day and all night if I looked like her. Lol! TMI?

Not at all! Who would play your (real or imagined) significant other?

Matthew McConaughey for sure! And it wouldn’t be just for his delicious bod, but for those lovely southern manners and accent. He’s a total swoonbag!

What are two words that you would/wouldn’t use to describe you?

Words I would use? I’d probably opt for “happy” and “honest”. Words I wouldn’t use? Lol, I’d have to say “tall” and “organised”!

You wake up in the body of the opposite sex. What’s the first thing you do?

This might be a bit weird, but I think I’d hum a really low note. As low as I could get it. I adore the way it feels from the outside and I’d love to know how it feels from the inside.

Then I’d scratch my balls to see what all the fuss is about!

LOL! Best pickup line, you’ve had used on you, used yourself or for a character?

It’s not so much a pickup line as a pickup action. One of the stories I’m working on at the moment has my two main characters meeting by chance when the guy accidentally ploughs face-first into the woman’s (clothed) butt! I wrote that bit a while ago but I still giggle when I think about it!

If you could be any character in a book, which would it be? Why?

Oh, how could I go past Katniss Everdeen? I’d love to be so cool and able in the real world!

If you could live in a story for one day, which would it be? Why?

Well, I might want to be Katniss, but I’ll have to change things up here and definitely NOT say “The Hunger Games”! I suppose I’d be fascinated to live for a day on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. I don’t think I’d mind which story, but perhaps “Guards, Guards” so I might stand a chance of running into the dishy-sounding Carrot!

World’s sexiest man past or present according to you?

Oh that’s such a hard question! But if I have to narrow it down to one, then I’d choose Henry Rollins. He has such a range of talents and such charisma, and he really stands behind everything he says. Plus I’m a sucker for a square-jawed older man!

If you could meet one author living or dead, who would it be?

I know this is boring, but I’d say J.K. Rowling. She’s an inspiration.

Must have thing when writing?

OMG, I am sooo boring, but it would just have to be coffee! And plenty of it!

Me too! Thanks for Walking on the Cheeky Side Abi!

About Abi Aiken:

Abi Aiken is a youngish latte-swilling movie-lover with fewer secrets than you might think. As an only child, she found the best way to have conversations (and win arguments) was to play all the parts herself. So she wrote her first story at the age of 12 and it felt so much like coming home that she never left. She believes most of her problems can be solved by Midori and lemonade.

His Go-To Girl Blurb:

Channary Kee has been best friends with Daniel Garrett since the fourth grade. Now sharing a house, that friendship has grown into a beautiful romantic love.

For one of them.

Even with her genius level IQ, Channary can’t find a way to tell her housemate how she feels. And when a new love interest steals Daniel’s attention away, it seems all is lost.

Can Channary win back Daniel’s attention and turn it into love? Or will her efforts shatter their long friendship, leaving her with nothing?

Available from Excessica | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | ARe


With my back to him, I held my breath and closed my eyes. I felt the heat of his body all over me as he stepped up close and swept my hair into his hand. A moment later I felt soft bristles gushing through my voluminous black mane.

“Daniel, what’re you doing?”

“Making peace.”

Oh hell, it felt good. The man of my dreams running a brush – and his fingers – through my hair. It was so unexpected and disarmingly intimate. His voice rumbling so close to my ear played havoc with my knees.

“I noticed you were struggling with that old brush. Hair like yours deserves special treatment.”

Not for the first time I was utterly confused. What kind of straight man gives great hair without wanting great head in return? Or notices a girl struggling with anything other than her underwear?

He stopped brushing and moved in front of me. “So I got you this.”

“Oh, Daniel. Is that silver?”

“Silver plated. And the bristles are boar-hair. That’s supposed to be good, right?”

“How did you afford it?”

“Sold your kidneys.”

“Oh. That’s why you didn’t get me the beer.”

His laughter was like music to me.

“I surrender. But one day, brain-strain, mark my words: I will have all the answers and you will be speechless!”

I cradled the brush like it was a kitten. Receiving a gift from Daniel would be reason enough for me to be tingling inside. But a gift with such thought behind it was almost heavenly.

“So we’re good now? Peace is restored?”

I couldn’t help myself. I swept him into a hug that doubtless meant a whole lot more to me than it did to him. He returned it strongly, though, so I just took whatever I could get. With my ear to his chest I could hear his heartbeat, and it suited me to think it was pounding with desire.