Author Spotlight – Camryn Rhys

To celebrate the release of Gaines and Losses as a part of Decadent Publishing’s Western Escape line, Camryn Rhys is skipping on over to the Cheeky Side! 

Who would play you in your telemovie?

Melissa McCarthy – she’s plus-size and cute, and hilarious to boot. Plus, my first experience of her was as a chef, so that holds, too.

I love her! Who would play your (real or imagined) significant other?

 Steve Zahn, easily. But with lots of facial hair. Real boyfriend, although I do occasionally have fantasies about Steve Zahn, too…

What are two words that you would/wouldn’t use to describe you?

Would: Talkative, Zany      Wouldn’t: Waifish, Wallflowerish

You wake up in the body of the opposite sex. What’s the first thing you do?

Get a job. It would be nice to get paid what I’m worth for once…

Best pickup line, you’ve had used on you, used yourself or for a character?

Generally, lines don’t work on me. But that’s mostly because I’ve heard them all (or written them all). As far as the best line a character has ever used, I’d have to think about that one, but it would probably have come out of Paul Gaines’ mouth (from my most recent release, GAINES & LOSSES). He is a smooth talker. 

If you could be any character in a book, which would it be? Why?

I know this is a gamble, but I would love to be a character in Game of Thrones. Assuming I didn’t die, that would be killer.

That’s a brave choice LOL! If you could live in a story for one day, which would it be? Why?

It would have been great to know Buffy Summers when she was the only Slayer. I’m pretty sure I would have been vamp fodder, but it would be the fangy end of a good day. Plus, maybe I could come back as her nemesis…

World’s sexiest man past or present according to you?

Richard Armitage. If you ever get a chance to see him in North & South, you will completely agree with me. And also be his obsessed fan. For. Ev. Er.

That is definitely on my ‘To Watch List’ :). If you could meet one author living or dead, who would it be?

T.S. Eliot. The man is flat brilliant, and his writing has the kind of depth that most people can only dream of. I would love to spend some time just hearing about his life and what inspired him. Plus, I’ve got some questions about his first wife that I’d love to have answered…

Must have thing when writing?

Coffitivity. More specifically, I used to spend so much time at coffee houses, just trying to get the little boost of ambient noise that you can now get for free on the internet. Life is beautiful. 

 How cool! Thanks for stopping by Camryn!

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Sylvie Proulx has a very proper, professional life, where every second is scheduled and mouthful of food carefully documented and exercised away. But a woman has needs. So she discreetly requests a 1NS date from Madame Eve, only to be paired with a free-spirited cowboy from Freewill, Wyoming with a thing for steak.

Paul Gaines needs a sponsor for the national rodeo circuit and travels back to Vegas to seek out a meeting. He needs a date to the fancy party, and calls on a dating service he’s known for a long time, expecting a night of fun and companionship. But the more he discovers about Sylvie, the more he wants to cover her in creme brûlée and teach her how to ride a horse.

Only Sylvie has very careful boundaries, and Paul only has one night to convince her to give him a tomorrow.

A Western Escapes & 1NS (One Night Stand) Crossover Novella from Decadent Publishing.






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