It’s here! It’s here!!

Today is the launch of my first book – Full Bloom! Here are the links and an excerpt :). I hope you enjoy it and feel free to drop me a line here or on Facebook 🙂


“Tash Hathaway.” He clicked his fingers. “Now I remember. You were a couple of years behind me at high school. How’s things?”

Oh my God. He’d remembered her. “Um, things are great. I own the flower shop in town.”

“So, you own that pretty little pink thing?”

Pretty little pink thing? What?

“Oh, the van!” Tash glanced over her shoulder at the bubblegum pink delivery van. “I bought it secondhand from a mobile hairdresser and haven’t taken it to get painted yet. I’m kinda getting used to the pink. So, what brings you back to town?”

“My traveling partner came second to a bull and wound up with a broken leg. By the time I helped get him settled in Texas, I’d fallen behind in the points, so I thought I’d spend some time at home. Come see the family, help out a bit. Lucky I did because my mom fell in the barn yesterday and broke her wrist.”

“Oh, that’s terrible. I hope she’s okay.”

“Yeah, she is, thanks.”

His voice sounded so smooth, but with a bit more twang than she remembered from high school. He’d certainly changed from the shy rancher’s son into a hunk of smokin’ hot cowboy.

“My dad’s bringing her home today, but it’s going to be tough on her.” Nathan half snorted. “Not one of the best things to do in a barn.”

Tash couldn’t resist trying out her newly rediscovered flirting skills with a man that not only flipped her switch but lit up the whole damn box. She hit him with her sexiest smile. “And I bet you’re an expert in all the best things to do in a barn.”

Nathan rubbed his chin as he looked her up and down. “Looking for some lessons?”

Don’t shoot your hand in the sky and say, “Pick me! Sign Me Up!”

She cocked her head as she ran her gaze over him, taking him in from the hair she wanted to run her fingers through, to his rather large buckle. She’d put him a little over six foot, which made him her idea of a perfect fit. Being a tall, lush woman, Tash liked the feel of her lover surrounding her as they made love, and knowing he wasn’t going to drop her when he had her pinned to the wall, banging her brains out.

“That depends. Are you skilled enough to be a teacher?”

An arched brow and curved corner of his delicious mouth hinted at his cautious curiosity. He came a step closer, their bodies separated only by inches. “Oh, I’ve got the skills. I’m a professional cowboy, which means I like to perfect every ride, every time.” Nathan leaned in close to her ear. “Which can take hours of practice.” He ran his fingertip up her arm as he slowly moved back and met her eyes. “And what kind of a cowboy would I be if I didn’t know my way around ropes? That’s a skill I’m very, very good at.”

Author Spotlight – Ann Mayburn

Today, I have the pleasure of having the amazingly talented Ann Mayburn walking on The Cheeky Side 🙂

So Ann, who would you pick to play you if your life was made into a telemovie?

Alyssa Milano. No, we really don’t look alike but I’ve always thought she’s super hot. 😉

Who would play your (real or imagined) significant other?

Vin Diesel. Nom nom nom nom nom.

What are two words that you would/wouldn’t use to describe you?

Eccentric Spaz

You wake up in the body of the opposite sex. What’s the first thing you do?

I’m not going to lie. Have sex.

If you could be any character in a book, which would it be? Why?

Oh God…I want to sleep with all of my heroes so that is an impossible question. 😀

If you could meet one author living or dead, who would it be?

Stephen King. His world building skills leave me in awe.

Must have thing when writing?

A computer. If I had to write by hand it would be a very short, very illegible, book.

Now, when you’re finished laughing, check out the blurb for Ann’s soon to be released My Wicked Devil – Book Three of the Club Wicked Series. Leave a comment below and you could win a $5 Amazon gift card!


After a motorcycle accident left her with a fractured pelvis, former dare devil and actress Kira Harmony cannot have sex without pain. Unwilling to give up on her dreams of someday having a normal love life, she has come to Club Wicked to find a Dom. And not just any Dom. Kira is looking for the best sadist she can find, a Master who can help her learn how to turn her pain into pleasure and help her escape the prison her body has become.

Lord Bryan Sutherland has always had a taste for meeting the needs of masochistic submissives. When Kira contacts him, her plea for his help intrigues him. He’s always loved curvy redheads, and they certainly have an explosive chemistry together, but he doesn’t know if it is possible to establish the kind of trust needed in order to train her mind to convert agony into ecstasy. That trust is sorely tested when Kira continually pushes herself too far and refuses to safeword out.

Bryan must make a decision; continue to train Kira and run the risk of seriously hurting her, or walk away from the uncontrollable woman who holds the key to his heart.
Heat Level: Erotic M/F w/ some M/F+F/F fun

Release date for Full Bloom!!!



It is my great pleasure to announce Full Bloom will be released on the 22nd of May!!

Too many duds and wanna-be studs force Tash to quit seeking Mr. Right and settle for Mr. Fantasy.

With his riding partner laid up, Nathan needs a break from the rodeo circuit buckle bunnies.

Can love come to full bloom between two people seeking a temporary bit of fun?