Well….Hello there!

I’m not one for New Years resolutions. I generally have light bulb moments throughout the year. Like at the end of November I always say I’m going to start my Chrsitmas shopping in January or I’m going to lose half my bodyweight before summer hits and so on. Until last year. I decided this year would be a year of action.

So far I’ve become mildly addicted to exercise, however my pre existing addicton to chocolate and coffee haven’t helped with the loosing of half my body weight, and I was still trying to avoid being trampled the week before Christmas for the presents I completely forgot about.

The major thing I attempted was to start writing. I have always had a very active imagination, fuelled by a love of books and trashy TV. So when I saw The Shooting Star Writing Competition and ideas started flying around, I sat down and made my characters come to life.

Full Bloom was born and my career as a published author is a reality in 2013. I’m still pinching myself (and eating celebratory chocolate), and this is just the beginning.

Happy New Year and bring on 2013!!!